My eCorp

From the eCorp Business Service home page, select the My eCorp option and then select “Click here to register”.


User Name

A user name must follow these guidelines:

  • May contain numbers
  • Must be at least 3 characters long
  • Does not contain special characters
  • May not contain spaces

A password must follow these guidelines:

  • Passwords must be between 6 and 15 characters in length
  • They can be any of the following:
    • A thru Z (alpha uppercase)
    • a thru z (alpha lowercase)
    • 0 thru 9 (numeric) * at least one numeric is required
  • The following special characters are allowed:
    • ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+=}[]|\/:;”<>,.? ** at least one special character is required
  • Single quote ‘ is not allowed
  • Space character is allowed and counts as a special character
In order to change the Submitter Name and/or Address, please contact the Division of Corporations Technical Support Section by email at .
Unfortunately, user names cannot be changed once created.  You may create a new account with the desired username.



The Document Filing and Certificate Request portal is available Monday thru Thursday from 7:45 am to 11:59 pm EST and on Friday from 7:45 am to 10:30 pm EST.  The application will not be available during weekends, State holidays and unexpected closures of the Division of Corporations.

No.  This service is for submission of the request only.  The request shall be reviewed and processed by Division staff.  The method of payment provided during submission will be charged when the request is processed by Division staff.

No. The Division of Corporations does not provide direct online filing for business entity documents. This service is for submission only.  All business entity documents are reviewed by Division staff to ensure compliance with Delaware Law.  The method of payment provided when submitting the filing will not be charged until the document has been deemed acceptable for filing by Division staff.

If a document is received by this office in proper form and all required fees are paid when received, the document will be filed with the date and time it was received in this office as soon as we are able to process the regular, non-expedited work for that date. Processing time for regular (non-expedited) work varies based upon the volume of items received by our office. Prior to submitting your Filing/Document request, you may contact our office to find out what date is currently being processed for regular work to help you determine if you need to request expedited service for your submission.  If you have already submitted your Filing/Document request, you may contact our office for assistance in upgrading your item to expedited service. Please see our fee chart for a listing of our fees.  Please Note:  The fees required for the request will not be charged to the credit card/ACH account upon submission.  When the order is processed, the charges will be applied.  An invoice will be sent with the completed request.

If the filings are associated, the filings must be uploaded as one PDF document.  Each filing will be assigned a Service Request Number and your My eCorp account will display the Service Request Number of the initial filing and the associated Service Request Numbers created after submission.
The Division requires all UCC filings be submitted to the Division electronically. The filing office will not accept UCC filings submitted directly to the State via mail, courier, fax or through the Document Filing and Certificate Request portal. Electronic UCC filings may be submitted directly to the Division via the State’s e-UCC web application or through a variety of UCC XML submitters. UCC filings may be submitted through an Authorized UCC Filer who will submit the filing electronically to the Division. Delaware is providing to you a list of Authorized UCC Filers within the State who will continue the reputation Delaware strives to maintain. The Service Companies on the list of Authorized UCC Filers have had a long-standing relationship with the State of Delaware and have been approved by the Delaware Division of Corporations in the submission of UCC filings.  If you have any questions regarding UCC requests, please contact the UCC Section at 302-739-3073, option 4.
Your confirmation and the submitted document may be viewed in your My eCorp account under the Orders tab.
For security reasons, this information cannot be stored on our records.  Payment information is required on each submission.  The credit card/ACH account will not be charged at the time of submitting the request.  The account will be charged, and an invoice will be generated at the time the request is processed.
You may view the status of the request in your My eCorp account under the Filings or Orders tab.  Notifications will not be sent by email however, if there is an issue with your request, you will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative or you can contact our office for additional information at 302-739-3073.
The request will be returned by the method chosen when the request was submitted.   The requests processed by the Division of Corporations will not be available to be downloaded or viewed on line.  Invoices for completed requests/services may be obtained through your My eCorp account for 90 days.