In order to fulfill the requirements needed on a cover memo for proper return of your request, the Division of Corporations has provided an Acrobat fillable Form for use by clients submitting a request. Please only submit one Cover Memo.  You may use either your company letterhead with the information that is in the cover memo below or the cover memo itself but please only send one cover memo.

IMPORTANT MAIL OUT INFORMATION – All requests are returned regular mail thru the postal service. No orders are faxed or emailed. You may request your order be returned Fed-X or UPS and include your express mail account number.

When submitting your memo, you must complete your name and address and supply us with a phone number, fax number or e-mail address so that we may contact you if there is a problem with your submission. You must complete all information on the form including  file number or reservation number. If you are submitting a new entity filing, you will not be assigned a filing number until after the filing has been completed therefore it is not necessary to complete this information. If you have submitted a request to our office in the past, you have been assigned an account number. If you are unsure of your account number, please leave it blank as it is not necessary to complete your request. Please DO NOT STAPLE your request and be sure that you accompany your request with the appropriate fees that are required.

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