Pursuant to Title 6, Chapter 33 of the Delaware Code, Trademark and Service Mark registrations may be filed with the Secretary of State. Registration of a mark under the provisions of the Delaware Code shall remain effective for a term of ten years from the date of registration, unless otherwise canceled. Upon application filed within six months prior to the expiration of such term, the registration may be renewed for another ten-year period. The proper Application for Registration or Renewal of Trademark or Service Mark will be furnished by the Division of Corporations.

It is necessary that a specimen or facsimile of the mark, in DUPLICATE, accompany the Application for Registration or Renewal of Registration, one of which will be attached to the Application or Renewal for filing in this Department, and the other will be attached to the Certificate of Registration issued by the Secretary of State and returned to the applicant.

The fee for filing the application is $25.00, and the fee for the Certificate of Registration, which will be issued by the Secretary of State, is $10.00

Trademark/Service Mark Registration forms and Renewal of Registration forms are available to be downloaded and saved to your computer. These forms are PDF fillable forms.

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