The State of Delaware is a leading domicile for U.S. and international corporations. More than 1,000,000 business entities have made Delaware their legal home. More than 66% of the Fortune 500 have chosen Delaware as their legal home.

Businesses choose Delaware not for one single reason, but because we provide a complete package of incorporations services. The Delaware General Corporation Law is the most advanced and flexible business formation statute in the nation. The Delaware Court of Chancery is a unique, more than 225 year old business court that has written most of the modern U.S. corporation case law. Delaware’s State Government is business-friendly and accessible. Our Division of Corporations operates with a state-of-the-art efficiency and our staff provides prompt, friendly and professional service to clients, attorneys, registered agents and others. These factors have all contributed to making Delaware a premier legal home to companies around the world.

The Division of Corporations has Specialists in each section to answer questions and assist you in filing your corporate, UCC and tax documents. You may also file annual tax reports and UCC documents online through our e-Corp Internet filing system.

The Division of Corporations now offers online Name Reservations, Entity Status and General InformationView all online services.

The Delaware Division of Corporations is at your service, and we welcome your comments and feedback. You may contact any of the following individuals with questions through the Division of Corporation’s e-mail service.

  • Jeffrey W. Bullock, Secretary of State
  • Kristopher Knight, Deputy Secretary of State and Director of Corporations
  • April Wright, Corporations Administrator
  • Christina Folke, Technical Support Section Administrator
  • June Bilbrough, Franchise Tax Section Administrator
  • Sandi Pisarski, Corporations Section Administrator
  • Cynthia Kane, Marketing Director
  • Ariel Poe, Applications Development Manager

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