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The Division is looking to hire a number of Corporations Assistants

If you are interested in a position, please send your resume to:

*Merit positions are career ladder positions. Extensive training is provided as part of employment. There are four main detailed courses that are three to four weeks in length each. Hands-on processing with the production work is required prior to advancing to the next course. It takes approximately three years to progress from Corporations Assistant to Corporations Specialist.

Corporations Assistant Job Duties and Functions

  • Reviews and processes legal corporate and Uniform Commercial Code documents. Conducts research by reviewing Uniform Commercial Code holdings and listings of corporate entities formed in Delaware and corporate documentation on payments and tax liabilities. Determines if legal requirements are met, corrective action is needed and assists clients in taking necessary action to meet legal requirements.  
  • Answers questions from attorneys, corporate officials, registered agents and the general public concerning Uniform Commercial Code and corporate documents, legal filings, franchise taxes, corporate fees and assists in solving problems.  
  • Conducts collection activities for franchise taxes, interest, penalties, corporate and Uniform Commercial Code fees.  
  • Performs mathematical calculations relative to franchise taxes, penalties and interest, corporate and Uniform Commercial Code fees.  
  • Uses the Delaware Corporations Information System (DCIS) and imaging system to obtain information and make entries, changes, verification and corrections required in processing requests for service from clients

Benefits (Merit Positions Only)

The Division of Corporations values and appreciates each and every employee. In addition to the benefits provided to merit employees, the Division holds employee recognition events four times a year. To learn more about these benefits, visit

About the Division of Corporations

Delaware is the state of choice for incorporation and formation for most business entities.  Today, more than one million business entities have made Delaware their legal home. More than 93% of U.S. based Initial Public Offerings, 67% of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of their subsidiaries, and business entities all over the United States and around the globe have chosen Delaware as their corporate home. The Delaware Corporation Laws, Chancery Court of the State of Delaware and the Division of Corporations is what attracts companies to come to this State; and in particular, it is the staff and the exceptional service of the Division of Corporations that makes everything possible.

Division of Corporations Team:

  • Franchise Tax – All Corporations incorporated in Delaware are required to file an Annual Report and pay a Franchise Tax, which is due on or before March 1st of each year. All LLC’s and LP’s are required to pay an annual tax, which is due by June 1st of each year. Foreign Corporations do not pay taxes; however, they must file an Annual Report and pay a filing fee by June 30th of each year. These taxes are collected through our Franchise Tax Section. There are various job duties within the Franchise Tax Section, some of which are helping clients via the phone, live chat, email, and calculating franchise taxes.
  • Cash Management – Process items that are received through the mail and through the document upload application which includes entering data into our system to track items and prepare documents for review. The Cash Management Section also enters and reconciles all of the revenue received within the Division of Corporations.
  • Support Services – Process all incoming mail that is received from UPS, USPS, & FEDEX and prepare it for scanning into the system. All filed documents and orders are printed and matched by our Print Packaging section. Once the orders are complete,  they are sent to customers through UPS, FEDEX, or USPS as requested. Support Services handles all Notary Public commissions as well as Service of Process from the Sheriff and Delaware Courts.
  • Customer Service – This team receives documents that do not meet the requirements of the laws. The Customer Service Section contacts the submitters of documents and informs them of what needs to be done to bring a document into compliance.
  • UCC Section – Reviews and records UCC financing statements and amendments.
  • Information Center – Answers telephone calls, verifies, and provides corporate information, explains filing and document request procedures, and answers corporate related questions.
  • Filings & 4-12 Sections – This team is responsible for reviewing all documents and requests for compliance with Delaware statutes. Trademarks and service marks are processed in this area as well.

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in a position, please send your resume to: To learn more about the positions, please click on one of the links below:

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