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Franchise Tax Calculator** and Disclaimer

Franchise Tax Calculator Disclaimer

**This calculator can only be used to calculate stock that has par value. Taxes due will be based on the “Authorized Share Method” and is printed on the Annual Franchise Tax Notification that each corporation received annually. If, when filing the Annual Franchise Tax Report, you select the “Assumed Par Value Method”, please follow the calculation instructions listed on the “How to calculate Franchise Tax” page to confirm the tax due. To verify the tax balance due, please contact (302) 739-3073 and select option 3 to speak to a Franchise Tax Representative. You may also use the Franchise Tax Calculator but please note this calculator is for estimating tax only.

If the total gross assets and/or issued shares equal zero, then please contact Franchise Tax at (302) 739-3073, option 3.


**(MS Excel format is required for use of this calculator)

**This calculator can only be used to calculate stock that has par value. Please contact a Franchise Tax Specialist to calculate your no-par value stock at (302) 739-3073 and select option 3.

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