Effective December 1, 2001, all non "Search to Reflect" UCC Searches will be performed by a Delaware Authorized Searcher.  Delaware prides itself in its ability to provide optimum service for our customers in Delaware and throughout the country.  To this end, Delaware is providing to you a list of authorized UCC Searchers within the State that will continue the reputation Delaware strives to maintain.  The Registered Agents, Service Companies and Law Firms on the list of Authorized Searchers have had a long-standing relationship with the State of Delaware and have been Certified by the Delaware Division of Corporations in performing online UCC filings and UCC searches.  All UCC searches performed by these agents are Certified UCC Searches obtained from Delaware's UCC Information System.

Delaware Authorized Searchers

American Incorporators
1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-A
Wilimington, DE 19805

Ph: (800)421-2661
Fax: (302)421-5753

Website: www.ailcorp.com

Email: infoail@ailcorp

Capitol Services, Inc.
1675 S. State Street, Suite B
Dover, DE 19901

Ph: (800)316-6660
Fax: (800)989-4671

Website: www.capitolservices.com

Email: delawarecorp@capitolservices.com

Corp1 Inc.
28 Old Rudnick Lane
Dover, DE 19901

Ph: (855)736-3466/(302)736-3466
Fax: 302-674-3415

email: orders@Corp1.com
Website: www.Corp1.com

Corporation Service Company
2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400
Wilmington, DE  19808

Ph:   (302)636-5400
or     (800)927-9800
Fax: (302)636-5454

Website:  www.cscglobal.com

The Corporation Trust Company
1209 Orange Street
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)658-7581

Website: https://ct.wolterskluwer.com

CT Corporation System
1209 Orange Street
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)658-7581

Website:  www.ctadvantage.com

Delaware Corporate Services, Inc.
1220 N. Market Street, Suite 850
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)482-4270
e-mail: delawarelist@LAWDEB.com

Website:  www.dcsdelaware.com

The Delaware Corporation Agency, Inc.
600 North King Street, Suite 400
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)429-4246
e-mail: dca@bayardlaw.com

Delaware Corporation Organizers, Inc.
1201 N. Market St., 18th Floor
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)351-9320
Fax:  (302)425-4699
e-mail: apoppiti@mnat.com

Delaware Entity Services LLC
1013 Centre Road
Wilmington, DE 19805
New Castle County

Ph:   302/427-6970
Fax: 302-421-5753
E-mail: mpowell@inclegal.com

Website: www.inclegal.com

Delaware Intercorp, Inc.
113 Barksdale Professional Center
Newark, DE  19711

Ph:   (888)324-1817
or     (302)266-9367
Fax: (302)266--9940
e-mail: info@delawareintercorp.com

Website: www.delawareintercorp.com

First Corporate Solutions, Inc.
800 N. State St
Ste 402
Dover, DE  19901

Ph:   (800)780-4849
Fax: (302)730-1134
email: orders@ficoso.com

Website: www.ficoso.com

First State Corporate Services, Inc.
1111B South Governors Ave.
Dover, DE 19904
Kent County

Ph: 302/736-1777
or 888/736-6398
Fax: 302/736-9883
e-mail: smiles@parcelsinc.com

Website: www.parcelsinc.com

Incorporating Services, Ltd.
3500 South DuPont Highway
Dover, DE  19901

Ph:   (800)346-4646
or     (302)531-0855
Fax: (302)531-3150
e-mail: info@incserv.com

Website: www.INCserv.com

National Corporate Research, Ltd.
850 New Burton road, Suite 201
Dover, DE  19904

Ph:   (800)483-1140
Fax: (800)253-5177
e-mail: Delaware.orders@nationalcorp.com

Website: www.nationalcorp.com

National Registered Agents, Inc.
160 Greentree Drive
Suite 101
Dover, DE  19904

Ph:   800-490-6724
or (302)674-4089
Fax: (302)674-5266
e-mail: info@nraiservices.com

Paracorp Incorporated
2140 South DuPont Highway
Camden, DE  19934
Kent County

Ph:   (302)697-4590
Fax: (302)697-4597
email: deorders@parasec.com

Website: www.parasec.com

Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC
1220 N. Market St., Suite 606
Wilmington, DE  19801

Ph:   (302)351-9320
or     (800)400-6650
Fax: (302)425-4699
e-mail: info@inclegal.com

Website: www.inclegal.com

Registered Agent Solutions, Inc.
1679 S Dupont Highway
Suite 100
Dover, DE 19901

Ph: 888-716-7274
Fax: 888-717-7274
email: de@rasi.com

Website: www.rasi.com

State Street Corporate LLC
838 Walker Road, Ste 22-1
Dover, DE 19904
Kent County

Ph: 866-772-0030
Fax: 302-734-1320

e-mail: Leslie@statestcorp.com

TAQ Incorporated
874 Walker Road 
Suite C
Dover, DE  19904
Kent County

Ph:   302/734-8300
Fax:  302/734-8961
e-mail: dover@taqinc.com

United Corporate Services, Inc.
874 Walker Road 
Suite C
Dover, DE  19904
Kent County

Ph:   800/899-8648
Fax:  914/949-9618
e-mail: ucc@unitedcorporate.com

Worldwide Incorporators Ltd.
3411 Silverside Road
Rodney Bldg, Ste 104
Wilmington, DE 19810

Ph: 800-455-8314
or 302-477-0500
Fax: 302-477-0511
Email: sales@worldwideinc.net

Website: www.worldwideinc.net

YCS&T Services LLC
Rodney Square
1000 North King Street
Wilmington, DE 19810

Ph: 302-571-6600
Fax: 302-571-1253
Email: kluongo@ycst.com

Website: www.youngconaway.com